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How to operate paper cutting machine correctly

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paper cutting machine

The specific operation method is operated according to the paper cutting machine manual. The safety operation procedures are as follows:

1. Before starting the machine, you should first check the machine, do a good job in cleaning, add oil or butter, first test the empty knife three times, and observe whether there is a return knife. If any problem is found, it should be eliminated in time. Knives should be parked immediately, repaired in time and not allowed to operate while sick.

2. When working, the thinking must be concentrated, and it is strictly forbidden for two people to operate the paper cutting machine at the same time.

3. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the machine. If a fault occurs, it is strictly forbidden to use your hands to grab the paper. You should stop the machine immediately.

4. When adjusting and replacing the cutter, it is necessary to stop the machine. Even in the case of shutdown, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand under the knife to change the tool. Long-handled bolts and other tools should be used to change the tool. It must be removed during the test run to avoid injury to the operator when the machine is started.

5. The power supply must be cut off when the machine is adjusted, the blade is replaced, and the power supply must be cut off when repairing, refueling, scrubbing and checking.

The paper cutting machine is a dangerous machine. It must be operated under the condition of ensuring safety. Make sure that the infrared safety protection function is effective. In any case, wait for the knife to completely stop at the highest point before operating under the knife. Try not to put your hands directly under the knife for operation, you can use a hardwood pad under the knife for operation.

Knowing some knowledge about the operation of paper cutting machine is good for entering this type of enterprise in the future to avoid potential safety hazards and protect your own personal safety. This time, I will talk about it here, and I will learn more about this knowledge next time.


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