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How to reduce the energy consumption of the coating machine?

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coating machine

     Coating machine exists as a necessary high-power equipment, and its main energy consumption is concentrated on the drying process. The reasonableness of the drying process directly determines the quality of the dried product, the energy consumption of the drying process, the length of the drying time, and the production Safety.

     At present, some factories have adopted methods of reducing fresh air supply, using secondary return air, and using superconductors for heat exchange to save energy. However, this operation does not achieve the best way to save energy. Instead, the dried product is slightly wrinkled or drying time. Extending, or there is a hidden danger of explosion, so it is more necessary to find more innovative technologies to improve the coating process.

     As the so-called increase in revenue and expenditure, energy conservation and emission reduction, and cost reduction, it is a necessary strategy for the development of an enterprise. Choosing a suitable method and suitable energy-saving equipment to cooperate with the main production equipment is also a strategy of gathering sand into a tower and a sign of the development of an enterprise.


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