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How to repair the wear of the dryer pulley bearing position

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Paper threading system is an important part of papermaking equipment. It consists of threading rope, rope pulley and transmission device. It is mainly used for threading and transferring paper strips to the next working area. It is an important system that affects the output of the paper machine. In a certain enterprise, the drying cylinder tailing wheel has the problem of bearing wear during its operation. The axis of the tailing wheel moves outward during the operation, but the tailing rope is stuck between the tailing wheel and the drying cylinder shaft, causing the failure of the tailing system. Shaft diameter 300mm, unilateral wear 2.5-3mm, bearing 61860 (double disc). According to past experience, many equipment managers will choose to use metal gaskets to repair after the bearing position of the dryer pulley is worn. This needs to add appropriate copper metal gaskets according to the wear amount of the bearing position for emergency operation, which is more convenient to operate. However, when the copper gasket is subjected to heavy load impact, it will deform or deviate from the position, which will affect the concentricity and aggravate the vibration of the equipment. This method can only be used as a short-term emergency measure; many equipment managers will choose to replace new parts for repair. , which requires the replacement of the faulty shaft according to the downtime of the parts, the stock situation and the value of the parts. This method is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive for disassembly and assembly, but more importantly, it requires a large number of spare parts in stock, which takes up a lot of corporate capital flow. Taking into account the repair cycle and the use effect after repair, the editor recommends that the drying cylinder pulley bearing position be worn and repaired by Soleil technology. This technology can quickly repair online, reduce or avoid disassembly, greatly shorten the downtime of enterprises, and reduce losses caused by sudden or major equipment problems; this technology is not an emergency treatment technology, through the excellent performance of materials and targeted The original repairing process can achieve the original mating surface between the repaired surface and the bearing, and at the same time restore the original designed interference size of the shaft, so it can ensure better force, under the condition that the bearing is lubricated and maintained properly and the bearing does not ablate , its service life can reach or even exceed the service life of new components.


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