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Improve the installation quality of pulp and paper machinery and equipment

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The quality of the installation of pulp and paper machinery and equipment is directly related to the performance of the paper machinery and equipment itself, so we need to continuously strengthen its quality control. The installation of papermaking machinery and equipment needs to formulate corresponding quality control measures according to the actual situation. We should conscientiously implement the accurate work before construction, and continuously strengthen the quality control of pulp and papermaking machinery and equipment installation. The following article discusses the control of the installation quality of pulp and paper machinery and equipment from different perspectives, hoping to effectively promote the long-term development of pulp and paper machinery and equipment installation work.

At present, under the rapid development of science, technology and social economy, my country's papermaking machinery is developing and progressing in the direction of complexity and large-scale. Actively strengthening the analysis of papermaking machinery failure factors can effectively solve various adverse phenomena, and can also Do the right medicine, do a good job in maintenance work, and realize the sustainable operation of paper machinery.

1. The main characteristics of the failure of the paper machine at this stage

(1) Productive inherent failure downtime

Generally speaking, productive inherent downtime is carried out on the basis of ensuring product quality and meeting production process requirements, mainly involving tissue production. According to the analysis and research, there are two reasons for the shutdown: the first is the pulping process. When the quality of the pulp water in the pulp tank does not meet the standard, the quality of the base paper product will decline. During this period the paper machine needs to be shut down due to no stock supply. The second is to replace the process equipment. For example, when the felt and copper mesh are used for a period of time, they need to be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the dehydration efficiency of the equipment and the quality of the product.

(2) Downtime due to equipment failure

No matter from which point of analysis, it can be clearly understood that the operation of the paper machine is complicated, and the equipment failure includes three points: first, there are many equipment associated with the paper machine, and a problem in a certain process or equipment will also Causes downtime; second, after some parts have been used for a period of time, the replacement frequency of spare parts is relatively high; third, the failure cycle and maintenance time are affected, and management cannot be targeted. In addition, from the analysis of the causes, it can be summarized as the following points: the first is wear, for example, due to long-term contact with copper mesh, felt, etc., the rotating roller rotates at high speed for a long time, and the surface rubber will wear; second It is lubrication. In principle, there is a close relationship between mechanical rotation and bearings. Take the papermaking of rotating rolls as an example. There are many types and numbers of rolls, and the bearing models are rich. It is of great significance to do a good job of lubrication, but Because the lubricating oil is prone to evaporation and loss, the shaft head and bearing will be affected. The third is fatigue. Machinery is prone to fatigue damage during the entire operation process. For example, a certain part is restricted by the mechanical structure, and the parts cannot have too much design strength, which will lead to damage.


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