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Inclined Belt Conveyor of the paper mill

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Inclined Belt Conveyor

Inclined Belt Conveyor adopts chain drive for one-time impact punching, and conveys materials through the trough plate. It has the advantages of large capacity, low motor power and high efficiency. Generally, chain conveyors are divided into two types: horizontal type and inclined type. Horizontal chain conveyors are mainly used in toilet paper pulping lines to transport wood pulp to medium consistency hydrating agents, while diagonal chain conveyors transport waste paper from low to high to paper shredders or hydrating agents.

Advantages of Inclined Belt Conveyor

One kind. The groove plate is stamped and formed at one time, which is durable and has strong impact resistance.

b. Equipped with a hardened gear reducer with high safety factor.

C. There are V-shaped protective plates on both sides of the chain plate to improve the conveying capacity and ensure that impurities will not slip on the rollers and extend the service life.

d. The tail of the machine is equipped with a chain plate elastic adjustment device, which can avoid loosening and derailment caused by changes in tightness after a period of use.


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