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Introduction of air cushion headbox

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air cushion headbox

Introduction of air cushion headbox:

There are many factors affecting the quality of paper web forming, which are complementary to the beating situation, the slurry conveying method, the structure of the headbox and the configuration of the wire section. Improper operation of the headbox will affect the paper forming, but the forming quality problems caused by the pulp supply system and the wire section cannot be corrected by the headbox. The pulp box is considered, and it is comprehensively solved due to the connection with the pulp supply system and the wire department.

A headbox with good performance needs to be matched with a reasonable pulp supply system. If the supply system cannot guarantee stable flow and concentration, and eliminate the disadvantages of pulp flow pulses and air bubbles generated in the process of pipeline transportation, the headbox alone can be used. It is difficult to obtain good web formation.

Each headbox is designed with specific process conditions and can only adapt to a certain working range, but there is no headbox. Different slurries, different vehicle speeds, and different flow rates have different headbox structures. Therefore, when choosing a headbox, attention should be paid to applicability and must not be applied blindly. The operator of the headbox also needs to be based on the papermaking process. The operating parameters of the headbox should be adjusted accordingly when the conditions change.


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