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Introduction of paper machine related knowledge

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Four methods of paper machine material technology

1. Use the leftover materials from the printing plant, white paper edges, wood pulp, cotton pulp, and straw pulp to produce toilet paper, napkin paper, book paper, and student paper, which can be directly made into paper, with simple technology;

2. To use waste books and newspapers as toilet paper, napkins, whiteboard paper, and student paper need to use deinking machine, rinsing and whitening process, the investment is more than 1 point, the space is increased, and it is determined according to the model;

3. Use bamboo, bamboo pulp, crushing, beating and other processes to make burning paper, earthen paper, and the process is simple;

4. Use waste paper boxes and cartons to make firework paper, burnt paper, earthen paper, packaging paper, yellow board paper, and corrugated paper;

5. The waste slurry from the floor drain of Paochang, a large-scale pulping plant, is used after recycling.

Four methods of heating, drying and disinfecting paper machine

1. Electricity transfer drying.

2. The oil and gas boiler produces steam for drying, which is advocated by the environmental protection country and has a large investment.

3. Use coke or coal or gas to directly steam dry (called burning cylinder).

4. The method is to use coal-fired boilers to generate steam for heating and drying, which saves energy, evenly dries, and improves output, quality and speed.

The above four are determined by local conditions.

1. The Paper machine does not use wheat straw to make paper, does not use caustic soda for cooking, so it does not need to be rinsed, does not drain to the outside, and does not pollute the environment without sludge.

2. Papermaking from waste paper, only two tons of water are used for soaking and beating per ton of paper. The water squeezed by the roller passes through the water channel and the sink to the recovery tank to recover the water for recycling. A drop of water is not eliminated, and it is reused. Discharging to the outside is a waste of water.

3. Recycled waste paper, the original color of the original paper, no need to add any chemical raw materials, any additives.

4. The paper made by Paper machine uses waste paper and reprocesses it into base paper. It has no smell and will not harm the human body and pollute the air.


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