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Introduction to paper machine dryer cylinder

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Dryer cylinder

The dryer cylinder is a hollow cylinder made of cast iron with covers at both ends. It is composed of a cylinder body and cylinder heads at both ends. The outer diameter is usually 1000~3000mm. During operation, the conveyed paper will be dried by internal steam. Burned.

The main components of the dryer cylinder include: roll shell, spoiler, siphon, end cover, manhole cover, bearing, shaft head, steam joint, etc.

The cast iron dryer cylinder for paper machine is a key component for paper drying-Type I pressure vessel. The number of cast iron dryers accounts for about 2/3 of the total number of pressure vessels in the paper industry. The materials used to make the drying cylinder are generally HT200 and HT250. In terms of manufacturing quality, it is required that no penetrating and excessively large blisters are allowed. In order to increase the smoothness of the paper, it is required to polish the outer surface of the dryer and polish the inner surface, so that the thickness of the entire dryer wall is consistent to ensure the dryer. The safety, balance and uniform heat transfer everywhere. The function of the dryer is to dry the moisture in the paper sheet and finish the paper surface.


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