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Main Features of CNC System for Pipe Cutting Machine

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The main features of the pipe cutting machine CNC system: high reliability requirements and high environmental adaptability; the interface circuit is complex, the pipe cutting machine CNC system must be matched with various pipe cutting machine CNC equipment and external equipment, and it must handle production at any time Various conditions in the process adapt to the various process requirements of the equipment, so the interface circuit is complex and the work is frequent.

Generally, the CNC system of automatic pipe cutting machine is composed of control system, servo system and position measuring system. The control system is mainly composed of bus, CPU, power supply, memory, operation panel and display screen, position control unit, programmable logic controller control unit and data input / output interface. The servo drive system mainly includes a servo drive and a motor. The position measurement system is mainly an incremental displacement encoder using a long or circular grating.

Requirements for maintenance 1) Prepare common spare parts and accessories; 2) Get actual support or supply of microelectronic components at any time; 3) Necessary maintenance tools, instruments, meters, wiring, microcomputers. It is best to have a small programming system or programmer to support equipment debugging; 4) complete information, manuals, wiring diagrams, maintenance instructions (including CNC operating instructions) and interface, adjustment and diagnosis, driving instructions, PLC instructions (including PLC users) Program list), component tables, etc.


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