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Maintenance measures of papermaking equipment should consider these

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Maintenance measures of papermaking equipment should consider these

The operational performance and reliability of papermaking equipment are greatly tested because they usually work in harsh process environments such as heavy load, strong corrosion, and high temperature.

On the one hand, strengthening the management of papermaking equipment, on the other hand, paying attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment is the main way to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the papermaking equipment.

As the driving device of papermaking equipment, motor has been widely used in papermaking enterprises. Generally, according to the characteristics of the driving equipment, an AC motor and a DC motor are used to jointly provide a stable power supply for the normal operation of the papermaking equipment.

Although it plays an important role as auxiliary equipment, especially in ensuring the normal operation of core equipment (paper machine, disc mill, etc.).

Existing problems and countermeasures

In the daily maintenance of the motor device, the common problems mainly include:

The first problem is bearing overheating:

The reasons for the overheating of the motor bearings are as follows:

① Too little or too much lubricating oil;

② The lubricating oil contains debris;

③ The bearing is bent;

④ Bearing damage;

⑤ The belt is too tight;

⑥ The cover of one end of the motor is loose or not installed properly.

In practice, it is necessary to accurately judge according to the specific situation, and then carry out maintenance.

For bearings that fail frequently, factors such as material, environment, operating conditions and structure should be comprehensively considered. Re-select bearings, and recalculate, calibrate and select based on past experience and the operation of similar motors.

Correct selection and calibration to ensure the normal operating cycle of the equipment.

Reduce the loss caused by frequent maintenance. In addition, too much lubricating oil will also cause a certain degree of temperature rise, which is mainly due to excessive oil affecting the oil circulation.

On the other hand, the reason that the bearing temperature is too high is that the lubricating oil is a poor conductor of heat, so the heat generated by the friction of the bearing is not easily conducted out.

The second problem is the seal of the bearing:

When the motor is running normally, it will generate a lot of heat. In order to avoid further increase in motor temperature, equipment is generally cooled by forced ventilation of fan blades.

Impurities such as dust in the air usually adhere to the grease and affect the working performance of the lubricating oil, which often occurs in ventilated conditions.

Accelerates the hardening process of lubricating oil and bearing wear. With this sealing method, the grease can be isolated from the outside to a certain extent. This can reduce the impact of impurities on the bearing.

Generally, labyrinth seals and rubber seals are used.

The quality of different types of rubber seals varies greatly. Improper selection and friction with the bearing shaft often become the main factors that cause the bearing to heat up.

To avoid this problem, high-quality rubber sealing rings should be used. In addition, the cleanliness of the bearing cap and the friction contact surface should be improved as much as possible, the friction coefficient should be reduced, and the heat generated by friction should be suppressed.

Another method is labyrinth ring sealing, which is characterized by good sealing effect and long service time. It is often used in occasions with high requirements on the motor, but it occupies a large space and is complicated in processing and assembly.

In the daily maintenance of the motor, sufficient attention should be paid to the quality of the seal, because the quality of the seal is an important factor affecting the heating effect of the bearing and the working effect of the lubricating oil.


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