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Manufacturing method of dewatering element for paper machine

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The development status and future development trend of papermaking machinery in recent years have shown rapid growth, which has caused overcapacity to a certain extent, and the industry has encountered greater difficulties. Facts show that the extensive development mode has come to an end, and realizing the strategic transformation of the paper industry is an inevitable requirement for the industry to develop to the current stage. Therefore, adjusting the structure of the paper industry and realizing industry revitalization in the process of adjustment will be a necessary factor for the survival of enterprises in the harsh environment of the financial crisis.

Dewatering elements used in paper machines, including dewatering plates (or wipers), forming plates, and vacuum suction box panels. The pulp passes through the forming board to level the pulp, while removing a small part of the water, and then enters the dewatering board to scrape off the water, and then enters the vacuum suction box panel to force dewatering by vacuum. These dewatering elements currently used are made of wood, rubber, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic coating, glass and other materials. The dewatering elements of wood, rubber, stainless steel and plastic have poor wear resistance and cause great wear to the mesh of the paper machine. Ceramic materials are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and have a small coefficient of friction, but are expensive due to the difficulty of forming, sintering, and processing. Ceramic coatings require specialized spray equipment and the thickness of the coating is limited. Although the surface of ordinary glass material is smooth and flat, the coefficient of friction is small, and the wear to the mesh is small, but it has not been widely used due to its low strength, poor thermal stability, brittleness and low wear resistance. A dehydration element vacuum suction box panel made of glass material disclosed in the patent document is constructed by assembling the panels. Dewatering elements for paper machines can use a variety of materials, and through structural improvements, the obtained dewatering elements are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and have a long service life.


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