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Master the technique of cutting paper using Water jet cutter (no abrasive)

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Water jet cutter

Why use sprinklers?

The use of Water jet cutter to cut paper is a very demanding application, so much so that it promotes the development of very durable, reliable pumps and system redundancy. When cutting paper, the water jet must be able to cut without leaving moisture, be able to cut cleanly without beards or tears, and be able to cut at extremely high speeds.

Water jet cutter can convert large paper rolls into small paper rolls directly on the paper machine. The water jet has no cutting force on the paper and is compact in size.

The cut paper itself is in a better condition, has more crepes, and is made of more absorbent or softer products.

Moisture — Compared with Water jet cutter cutting, the paper absorbs more water by touching or breathing. The water jet is small and moves very fast. The paper is thin and it moves very fast. The slit width and the water jet directly penetrate the paper into the water collection tank, which is convenient for handling. There is no time or enough water for the tissue paper or coated paper to absorb water.

Trimming — An important function of the Water jet cutter is to trim the outer edge of the paper. It is conceivable that it is difficult to trim very thin paper strips with mechanical devices, but the water jet erodes the narrow slit width, and it does not matter whether it is the front edge of the paper or the middle of the paper.

Tail cutting — When the paper machine must be restarted, a strip of paper must be passed through the machine. When the paper is fed through the rollers, the Water jet cutter can be used very effectively to cut the ever-expanding triangle.

Pure water jet cutting technology for cutting absorbent materials such as paper and diapers. Even with water, it can cut so quickly, cleanly and without moisture.


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