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Mistakes in choosing toilet paper rewinder

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The most important equipment for toilet paper processing is toilet paper rewinder, so the selection of toilet paper rewinder determines the production efficiency and product diversification to a certain extent. So what should we pay attention to when buying toilet paper rewinder?

Error 1: pay attention to price

Generally, when purchasing toilet paper rewinder, the most important thing to consider is the price of toilet paper rewinder. They want to buy the best products at the cheapest price. They think that as long as they can make toilet paper, regardless of the quality, they need to know that the wool comes out of the sheep and the price is one part of the goods. The merchants will not sell the gold to you at the price of silver. If they buy it in the early stage Limited funds into the equipment, then we suggest that you buy 1880 automatic rewinder.

Myth 2: listening to friends and advertisements

A good equipment factory doesn't need to advertise. If you have friends who have used the equipment of relevant manufacturers, it's better. If you are a business contacted on the network, Hengyuan paper machinery suggests that you should go to the manufacturer of toilet paper rewinder to have a personal visit, so as to facilitate the after-sales service of the machinery in the future. By the way, you can also have a look at the operation process of the machine on the spot.

Myth 3: the bigger the machine, the heavier it is, the better

Many people will think that as long as it is heavy, it must be good. This concept is wrong. Nowadays, the economy and technology are so developed, the products adopt high and new technology, and the machinery is also moving towards intelligence and portability. Several times, the machine is light, and it will also play a full-automatic function and performance. Therefore, do not blindly pursue the weight of the machine, we must see the performance of the machine itself.

Error 4: in the process of rewinding, only speed but not quality

Many friends ask how much can be processed in a day or in an hour and a minute when consulting? In fact, this speed is only one aspect, but the quality of the paper products produced is the most critical. If the machine is fully automatic, the output will never be very low, and if you want speed and quality,


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