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Mixed beating and separate beating of paper making equipment

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In paper production, in order to meet the needs of product quality and reduce costs, sometimes paper making equipment uses two or three different fiber materials to expand.


In this case, there are two beating methods. One is separate beating, that is, each material is beaten separately in the beating equipment, and after reaching the quality requirements, it is put into its own pulping tank, and then the ingredients are expanded; the other is mixing Beating is to mix two or three kinds of slurries in a batching tank in a certain proportion, and then send them to the beating equipment to mix the pulp. After reaching the quality index, put them into a consistent slurry storage tank.

In the production of softwood pulp-based paper, if 30% or less of hardwood pulp or bamboo pulp is mixed, the break length and burst resistance of the mixed beating paper will be slightly improved.

For example, if a factory uses 70~80% bleached softwood pulp with 20~30% wheat straw pulp, it is mixed with two-stage continuous beating through a disc mill, and the pulping beating degree is 86~890SR. The folding degree is improved by about 10%, the tearing degree is improved by about 5%, and the power consumption is reduced by about 15%.

Papermaking equipment is mainly used in the beating process. The long wood pulp fiber not only maintains the short fiber, but also reduces the cutting of the wheat straw fiber, and the wheat straw fiber enters the tooth surface of the grinding disc under the entrainment of the wood pulp fiber, which increases the kneading of the short wheat straw fiber. Pinch, friction, distortion effect. In addition, the content of hemicellulose in wheat straw pulp is high, and the beating degree rises rapidly.

Coniferous wood pulp and hemp pulp, coniferous wood pulp and bamboo pulp, coniferous wood pulp and wheat straw pulp, reed pulp, etc., as long as the ratio is appropriate and the beating process conditions are reasonable, mixed beating can be adopted, especially for some mixed with grass fibers. , Small paper mills have more practical significance.


The advantages of using mixed pulp technology in paper making equipment are:

One is that in companies that use outsourced pulp board, the pulp board can be measured by a hydraulic pulper, and the ratio is simple and accurate, which is beneficial to the stability of the production of the paper machine;

Secondly, the number of slurry tanks and supporting equipment before and after beating can be reduced, saving equipment investment;

The third is to improve the physical strength of paper and reduce power consumption.

Fourth, in continuous beating production systems such as paper making equipment disc mills, mixed beating can save beating equipment compared to separate beating, and it is convenient to operate and handle;


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