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Necessary work during installation of ragger cutting machine

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Ragger cutting machine

      1) Ragger cutting machine positioning: First determine the position of the nose and tail, and then determine the centerline of the scraper.

      2) Ragger cutting machine to lay the center groove: Lay the center groove according to the determined center line of the conveyor. If a non-metallic tank box is used, the center tank is laid with bricks and cement prefabricated slabs, and then the cast stone liner is bonded. When laying the cast stone lining board, pay attention to the straightness, minimize the joints, and stagger the longitudinal gaps to prevent the gaps from being ground into trenches during operation. The surface of the conveyor needs to be laid straight. For example, if there are excessive twists and turns in the plane of the conveyor, it will inevitably cause uneven force on the two chains, accelerate the wear between the chain and the cast stone on the groove wall, or even jam the chain. The overlap of each section of the tank body should be flat without steps. Due to the structural constraints of the tank body, adjacent central grooves should not deflect too much in the straight direction. If the conveyor is not laid straight, transportation power consumption will increase. The coal deposits or debris on the machine path should be swept away.

      3) Equipment head and tail: A certain amount of space should be left in the head and tail to facilitate maintenance and overhaul. The center line of the sprocket should be straight and level with the center line of the conveyor.

      4) Ragger cutting machine equipped with scraper chain: The scraper chain should be pre-connected before the equipment, and the scrapers are evenly distributed in the chain. If it is two chains, choose the same length, or assemble according to the matched chain at the factory. The chain must not be twisted. The welding seam of the circular chain is facing upward to prevent the chain and the sprocket from jamming.

      5) Check and empty operation: After the ragger cutting machine is equipped, check it out and start the conveyor. Idle work for 2 hours, first check whether the drive equipment and scraper work normally. Together, make each adjacent center groove close, tighten the chain again, and adjust the length of the chain. During the first two weeks of the operation of the scraper conveyor, special attention should be paid to the tightness of the chain. The method to check is: if there is a driving device at the end of the machine, then jog the driving device. When the upper strand chain of the machine tail sprocket has more than two completely loose links, it is necessary to tighten the chain or remove the chain to reduce the loop. Link length. If there is only the machine head driving equipment, the motor needs to be reversed and jog, when the upper strand chain at the machine head sprocket has more than two completely loose links. It is also necessary to tighten the chain or remove the chain to reduce the loop.


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