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New technology innovation of paper machine equipment

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Because the paper machine equipment production line is a large-scale production line equipment, and there are many supporting equipment to assist in operation, so in the paper machine production process, it will consume a lot of water, electricity, raw materials, etc., and because the papermaking equipment production line belongs to the traditional high-pollution industry, it is During the process, a large amount of waste water and waste residue will also be generated at the same time, which is one of the flaws of the paper machine equipment production line.

In the face of the current trend of energy saving and environmental protection industry, the production line of high-pollution papermaking equipment is gradually unacceptable. Therefore, the future development direction of papermaking equipment will greatly reduce the demand for raw materials, water and electricity in the production process of paper machines, and reduce environmental pollution and other environmental protection developments. In other words, the development of paper machine will become more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient. Not only will a small amount of raw materials be consumed in the production process, but it will not have a great impact on the environment.

Therefore, in the process of papermaking equipment development, EASTTAI paper machinery has continuously carried out technological innovations, continuously carried out technological research and development from all aspects, and used a new frequency conversion speed regulation system to achieve the purpose of reliable operation, energy saving and power saving, so that the production line of papermaking equipment is not running Become a big power consumer.

The EASTTAI paper machine equipment production line makes your papermaking equipment production line truly energy-saving and electricity-saving.


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