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Oil Analysis Technology and Paper Machine Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance

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At present, the technologies for fault diagnosis and maintenance of paper machine mainly include oil analysis technology and vibration monitoring technology. Vibration monitoring technology mainly uses vibration signals to perform condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of paper machines. The oil analysis branch mainly analyzes the performance of the lubricating oil itself and the condition of the wear particles carried by the lubricating oil.

(1) Overview of the application of oil analysis technology in my country

The earliest scientific research using oil analysis to monitor equipment condition occurred in the late 1970s. In 1982, Guangzhou Institute of Mechanical Science introduced the FOXBORO dual ferrography analyzer from the United States to monitor the running state of machinery. In 1983, the PC-320 automatic particle counter was introduced from a company in the United States again, which was used to detect the pollution degree of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil. From 1984 to 1988, the mechanical running state monitoring of Dongfeng diesel locomotives was carried out by using infrared spectroscopy, ferrography and particle counting technology combined with scanning electron microscopy.

(2) The relationship between oil analysis technology and monitoring equipment operation status

The lubricating oil used by the machinery can reveal a lot of information about the running state of the mechanical equipment. When the mechanical equipment is in normal operation, the working condition of the equipment can be monitored, and the wear particles and performance changes in the lubricating oil used by the tested equipment can be analyzed. It is possible to know the wear particle state and lubrication state of mechanical equipment and other information, so as to timely judge the operation status of mechanical equipment and predict its failure, and analyze the type, cause and exact location of mechanical failure, so as to be correct The maintenance equipment provides effective reference materials, and at the same time, it can be properly repaired before the failure occurs. On the one hand, the equipment maintenance cost is reduced, and the lost time is reduced, and on the other hand, the utilization rate, service life and safety performance of the mechanical equipment are improved. .

(3) Contents of oil analysis technology

The analysis of the performance of the lubricating oil itself and the analysis of the wear particles carried by the lubricating oil are the two main aspects of the oil analysis technology. Specifically, the lubricating oil in use of the mechanical equipment is first collected, and the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the particles in the lubricating oil and the analysis of the properties of the lubricating oil are used to judge whether the mechanical equipment is running normally, and make fault prediction and diagnosis. Lubricating oil analysis is mainly to analyze the physical and chemical indicators or the degree of pollution of the oil, which is mainly manifested in the degradation of lubricating oil, the pollution and loss of additives, etc. The number of wear particles, the chemical composition of the particles, the particle size distribution and the geometry are the main aspects of the analysis of lubricant wear particles. Through this analysis, the wear type, degree and position of mechanical equipment can be judged more accurately, which is conducive to further research on the wear mechanism of mechanical parts.

Mechanical fault diagnosis and maintenance technology is constantly developing with the advancement of science and technology and the development of society, and its development direction is intelligent and diversified. An effective method for fault diagnosis and maintenance.

The current paper machine is developing towards more and more large, high speed, complex and continuous development. Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis based on online vibration monitoring of papermaking machines are inevitable for the development of predictive maintenance of machinery. At the same time, because the research on oil technology in the diagnosis and maintenance of modern paper machines in my country's paper industry is very small, its application is far less common than vibration monitoring technology, but we must see the potential value and research significance of oil analysis technology, pay more attention to analysis of it.


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