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Operation process of toilet paper machine

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In the operation process of toilet paper machine, the feed paper rack is first placed on the paper feed rack (three-axis paper) and the paper feed rack is equipped with an automatic paper feeding device. The paper feed device then transfers the paper to the paper feed roller. Before the paper feed roller, there is a tension bar device to flatten the paper surface, and then enter the punching device and finally enter the guide roll installation.

There is a hollow paper shaft device on both sides of the guide roll of the toilet paper machine to make careless paper roll. The paper roll of the toilet paper machine is completed by repeatedly guiding the roll with the guide roll and the press roll (the tightness of the roll is adjusted according to the customer's requirements and is easily adjusted by the air pressure control). When the roll reaches a certain specification, the machine will automatically park to push out the roll, and separate the roll by the paper cutter It is convenient to cut paper and seal it with automatic glue spraying.

After the completion of the whole program, the toilet paper rewinder will restart automatically after the startup delay to time. After the finished product comes down, the paper will be cut into different specifications of rolls by the big saw (cut as required by the customer). The whole process will be controlled by computer programming PLC and frequency conversion.


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