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Paper Machine Maintenance

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Paper Machine Maintenance

About 1,500 bearings of various parts and components of modern large-scale paper machines are corroded in harsh environments, including water, heat, steam, and paper dust.

Each component requires special lubrication. A modern paper machine consists of at least four major parts: wire section, press section, dryer section and reel. When using grease lubrication, the bearing lubrication of the reel can use the same grease as the wire section and the press section. Lubricate about once a month.

General principles for the selection of lubricating materials for paper machine maintenance:

1) Movement speed: lubricating oil with high viscosity should be used for low-speed movement, and low-viscosity lubrication should be used for high-speed movement.

2) Load size: The larger the motion auxiliary load, the higher the viscosity of the lubricating oil and the better the oiliness.

3) Movement conditions: For the mechanism that starts, reverses and stops frequently, please choose lubricating oil with high viscosity.

4) Working temperature of paper machine maintenance: when the ambient temperature is low, choose lubricating oil with low viscosity, and vice versa when the temperature is high.

5) Surrounding environment: consider whether the water humidity is serious, the amount of dust, the existence of toxic gases and other factors.

6) Paper machine maintenance clearance: the smaller the motion pair clearance, the lower the lubricating oil viscosity.

7) Hardness: For the motion pair with high friction surface hardness, lubricating oil with low viscosity is used, and the amount of oil is sufficient.

8) Surface accuracy: The higher the surface accuracy of the moving pair, the lower the viscosity of the lubricating oil.

9) Maintenance and lubrication method of paper machine: artificial oiling devices generally use lubricating oil with high viscosity, and lubricating materials with antioxidant additives are selected in splash and oil mist lubrication systems.


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