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Paper machine blade installation

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Most operating problems in paper machines are related to incorrect or incomplete doctor blade installation. The scraper is a precision mechanical device, which requires great attention to installation and state adjustment.

1. When operating the scraper, be sure to follow the scraper's manual. Special Note: Installing the scraper blade from the middle of the scraper may cause damage to the scraper block structure or the scraper holder.

2. The positioning of the scraper bracket of the paper machine must be strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's drawings. Before positioning the bracket, it must be measured in detail and accurately to ensure that after the bracket is installed, there is no place to interfere or hinder the operation and adjustment of the scraper.

3. After the bracket is installed, install the bearing on the journal and let the bearing and scraper fall on the bracket. Do not tighten the screws at this point, only tighten them slightly to allow the scraper to move during adjustment.

4. The scraper must be installed in a place where it is convenient to operate (lift or replace the blade).

5. The meter should be installed in the scraper holder.

After the paper machine blade is installed, the horizontal position of the blade should be measured with a level gauge. After each reading of the data, a thin shim of appropriate thickness is placed under the blade to adjust the blade until it is in a horizontal position. In some locations it is also required to use a goniometer to determine the angle of the doctor blade of the paper machine.


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