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Paper machine installation and commissioning process

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paper machine

First, the installation procedure of the paper machine

The installation procedure of the paper machine (including the installation of 1760mm, 1880mm, 2400mm, 3200mm, 3800mm, 4000mm fourdrinier wire, stack wire, triple wire, and quadruple wire paper machine) must have certain installation procedures to ensure the installation quality of the equipment , effectively improve the operation rate of the equipment and achieve the output required by the design capacity, which is a key step in the plan.

Second, the construction unit must submit the following technical information to the construction unit before construction

1. Installation and construction drawings, equipment manufacturing drawings, basic drawings, design instructions and other documents.

2. Equipment factory certificate, packing list, manual.

3. Base concrete label and strength test record.

4. The above-mentioned technical documents must also be submitted by the engineering and technical personnel sent by the equipment manufacturer for installation.

Third, the construction and installation of the paper machine must meet the following technical requirements

1. Each roller and drying cylinder should have the correct balance between each other, and at the same time, it should be perpendicular to the vertical plane where the longitudinal basic standard base line of the whole paper machine is located.

2. It is required that the transverse center of each roll and drying cylinder should be in the vertical plane where the longitudinal foundation of the paper machine is located.

3. Each roller and drying cylinder are required to have good levelness.

4. There should be an expansion gap on the operating side of each roll and drying cylinder.

5. The concentricity, balance, verticality and level of the transmission device and various bearings, as well as the gear engagement, and the bearing clearance meet the technical requirements.

6. The flexibility and correctness of each operation and adjustment device are required to be easy for operators to adjust and operate.

7. It is not allowed to add pads to the machined joint surfaces of each frame and the bottom of the bearing.

8. Install the left and right hand paper machines of the same model in the same workshop. The longitudinal center lines of the two paper machines should be parallel according to the size of the drawing, the center lines of the couch rolls should be on the same straight line, and the elevation of the foundation board should be the same.

Fourth, the protection of various rollers during construction

All kinds of rolls in construction (including felt rolls, felt rolls, squeezing rolls, press rolls, couch rolls, idler rolls, net drive rolls, composite rolls, screen guide rolls, vacuum couch rolls, etc.) are not allowed to be damaged and Scratch the surface and prevent corrosion at the same time. The surface of the rubber roller is not allowed to contact all kinds of grease. In winter construction, the rubber roller should be well insulated to prevent frost damage and aging.

Fifth, the instruments and scales used in the installation of the paper machine should be uniformly adjusted in accordance with the national measurement standards, and carefully adjusted in the installation according to the deviation of the manufacturing size of the new equipment.

Sixth, before the construction of the paper machine, there should be an installation organization design to determine the construction plan. The general installation procedures are as follows

1. Determine the installation reference line and find the center line of the base plate.

2. Install the base plate and assemble the rack.

3. Assemble the wire section (headbox, breast roll, vacuum couch roll and dewatering elements, etc.).

4. Assemble the press section (the press rolls should be balanced and the eccentricity should be consistent).

5. Assemble the first group of drying cylinders (arrange and assemble in sequence, and require the balance of cylinder and cylinder).

6. Assemble the second group of drying cylinders.

7. Assemble the third group of drying cylinders.

8. Assemble the sizing machine (no sizing equipment is free).

9. Assemble the roll paper section.

10. Assemble the transmission part (including gearbox, reducer, coupling, universal shaft, motor).

Seventh, comprehensive trial operation and acceptance, after the above installations are completed, the trial operation and acceptance can be carried out.

Eighth, test and acceptance

1. Preparations before the test run: When the paper machine is tested, it should be tested segment by segment, first active, then driven, first auxiliary equipment, then main engine, and then check and adjust equipment and pressure devices, etc., gradually proceed from low speed, and do a good job before the test. All preparations.

2. First, connect the water, electricity, and steam sources. After testing the water, steam, and electricity, the normal production can be guaranteed before the test drive.

3. The civil engineering of the workshop is basically completed, cleaned up, and there are no obstacles that affect the production and operation of the workshop before the test run.

4. The auxiliary equipment and various electrical appliances shall be tested after the pipeline inspection is no problem.

5. Before the test run, check whether the blankets and the net are free of debris, whether the grease is full, do not test the machine without oil, and check whether there are loose screws and debris on the machine frame, and remove the rear test machine.

6. Before the test run, check whether the manual adjustment devices of each part of the paper machine are active, such as lifts and pressure devices, and whether the pneumatic equipment is leaking and tightened. For example, after the corrector and electric tensioner are adjusted normally, the test machine is allowed.

7. The transmission idling has a low speed to a high speed for 3-4 hours, of which the high speed is not less than 1 hour. After everything runs normally, the test drive is performed.

Ninth, the inspection items that should be paid attention to during the test run

1. Check all roller surfaces for sundries, and wipe the roller surfaces clean.

2. Each scraper is lifted during operation to make it contact the cylinder surface, and it is dropped when starting and stopping.

3. All drive bearings and bearing bushes must be filled with oil. If the pads are raised after rotation, they should be stopped immediately for inspection.

4. Polyester mesh (copper mesh), blanket, water pump and vacuum pump should be supplied with water first during the test run, and should be stopped when there is no water. Air transportation is strictly prohibited.

5. During the trial operation of the dryer, the steam should be introduced slowly, and the steam should not be opened too much, 0.5kg/m2 per hour, but should not exceed the specified gauge pressure, the dryer should be equipped with a steam-water separator to discharge cold water, and it is not allowed to drain water The valve is closed tightly to prevent the explosion of the dryer; the gauge pressure of toilet paper is 2Mpa, the gauge pressure of writing paper is 2-3Mpa, the gauge pressure of corrugated paper is 4-5Mpa, and the gauge pressure of safety valve is 5Mpa; overpressure production is not allowed during operation.

6. During the steam test run, the blanket should be removed from water to prevent uneven shrinkage of the blanket and failure to produce.

7. When the machine is running, it is found that there are abnormal noises and phenomena, beating, and it should be stopped and repaired in time.

Tenth, test procedure

1. Start in groups and run at low speed, starting from the wire section, to the press section, drying section, sizing section, calendering section, and winding section. When the dryer is running at medium speed, the dryer can be vented to test the pressure. After venting for 1-2 hours, the dryer can be vented for 2-4 hours and stop running for no less than 2 hours.

2. After the above test run, if any problems are checked, they should be eliminated and corrected in time. The production workers will put wool cloth, dry the net, drain the water and start running in an empty state. The test run should be carried out according to the above procedure for 6-8 hours.

Items and requirements for Eleventh, commissioning inspection and acceptance

1. Check the bearing temperature: the general rolling bearing temperature should not exceed 70℃; the general sliding bearing temperature should not exceed 60℃; the drying cylinder steam pressure bearing temperature should not exceed 80℃.

2. Check that the speed regulating equipment of each department must be flexible in operation and must not be out of control, so as not to tear off the blanket and cause an accident.

3. All manual, pneumatic and electric adjustment devices such as pneumatic corrector and electric net tightener are required to operate flexibly and reliably.

4. The vacuum pump and water suction box should be tight and air-tight, the vacuum degree should meet the requirements, and each pipeline should not be leaked.

5. The air compressor should be tight and leak-proof, and the pipelines at the contact points of each gas should not be leaked, and should be tightly sealed; the control valve, globe valve, pressure gauge, pressure reducing valve, and steam-water separator should be installed properly.

6. Press, idler, couch roll, vacuum couch roll, calender, paper reel, and pressure device require flexible operation.

7. The transmission gear and the transmission part run smoothly, with normal lubrication, no pads, and no noise.

8. The inlet steam pressure of the drying cylinder, the steam inlet head is well sealed and does not run out of steam, the condensate water discharge is normal, and the cylinder itself expands without resistance.

9. The exhaust system of the drying section is operating normally.

10. The operation of the transmission part and the speed regulating device is flexible and reliable, and the temperature is normal.

11. Various instruments and safety valves of the paper machine should be adjusted to the specified pressure limit standard, and overpressure production is not allowed.


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