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Paper machine operating process and safety regulations

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Paper machine

Paper machine operating process and safety regulations:

1. Pulping worker: Always check the water level of the headbox and whether the pulp discharge port of the pulping box is blocked (or whether the concentration tester is operating normally) and timely control the gram weight of the paper to ensure that the quantification meets the production standards and product quality.

2. Lead the whole class of workers to produce safely, and must not violate the operating procedures to ensure safe production.

3. Responsible for the handling of technical problems of the whole machine and the handling of equipment paper defects. Those who cannot handle major problems should report to the factory office for instructions in time.

4. Blanket workers: You should always check the operation of each roller of the blanket, and check whether the blanket is rotten and scratched. If any problem is found, deal with it in time to keep the blanket in normal operation. Paper defects such as crushing and wrinkling.

5. The blanket should not be discounted, too tight or too loose. Keep the blanket tight and moderate. When the blanket deviates, use the blanket adjuster (automatic screen guide) to adjust the blanket roller when it is involved in the sundries and pulp blocks. dig out to prevent getting involved in the blanket and causing personal accidents.

6. Gas watcher: Master the air pressure and humidity curve of each cylinder group according to the process regulations. If the air pressure of the drying cylinder of the paper machine changes, if the air meter fails, the air should be stopped in time to replace the safety valve of the air pressure meter. Once the safety valve is set, it is not allowed to adjust and overpressure. production to ensure the safe use of the dryer.

7. A steam-water separator must be installed at the drain outlet of the drying cylinder to automatically discharge the condensed water in the cylinder.

8. The surface of the drying cylinder should be kept clean, the surface of the cylinder should not be stuck with impurities, and the drying cylinder and the scraper should be kept in good agreement. If the vehicle is parked for more than 2 hours, the air should be slowly boosted after driving to prevent the drying cylinder from expanding and cracking during the heating process. .

9. During the normal production of the paper machine, it is necessary to check the operation of the machine frequently. If the bearing or roller is found to be hot or vibrated, it should be dealt with in time.

10. The main production parts in the paper machine: drying cylinder, idler, couch roll, press roll, and key parts of the wire section, care should be taken to protect them during operation, and their surface flatness and appearance should not be damaged. The quality life of the above parts is damaged due to improper operation The whole machine will be produced.


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