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Paper machine to make good paper, have you considered these factors?

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The ratio of cell wall thickness to wall cavity and its effect on pulping and papermaking

The tearing degree of the paper depends on the fiber length and the fiber wall thickness. The fibers with the fiber wall thickness can only form paper sheets with high bulk and rough surface under the current conditions of thick beating, and it is difficult to improve the bursting strength and tensile strength of the paper. Quality indicators such as strength and folding resistance.

The thickness of the fiber cell wall determines the flexibility of the fiber, and the flexibility of the fiber can be expressed by the following definition:

Rigidity coefficient = 2 × cell wall thickness × 100 / fiber diameter

Runkel ratio = 2 × cell wall thickness / cell cavity diameter

Coefficient of flexibility = cell lumen diameter × 100/fiber diameter

Use these definitions to evaluate the pros and cons of fiber raw materials.

Runkel's research has put forward the following relationship: when 2W/L<1, it is a good raw material; when 2W/L=l, it is a good raw material; when 2W/L>1, it is an inferior raw material.

W - average cell wall thickness

L ——The average cell cavity diameter

According to the flexibility coefficient, papermaking materials can be roughly divided into four grades:

Grade I material: flexibility coefficient > 75;

Grade II material: flexibility coefficient = 50~75;

Grade III material: flexibility coefficient = 30~50;

Grade IV material: flexibility coefficient <30.

The larger the flexibility coefficient, the smaller the wood density, the thinner the fiber wall, the larger the cell cavity, the easier it is to be crushed, and the good inter-fiber bonding force is produced, and the paper sheet has higher physical strength.


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