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Paper machinery manufacturers explain common "paper" in daily life

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Tissue paper usually has two colors, one is white and the other is yellow. But now the price of the natural color paper is more expensive than the general white paper, but it is more and more popular with consumers. And we often hear a saying: the natural color paper does not contain bleaching powder and fluorescent agent, so the use of natural color paper is more environmentally friendly and safe than the use of white paper. So is it really better to use natural color paper than white paper? Next, the Paper machinery manufacturers will explain the common "paper" in daily life.

Pure wood pulp may include recycled pulp, i.e. waste pulp. It may be that recycled waste paper is used to make pulp. Black spots and coarse holes will appear in the paper towel. So when you buy paper towel, you can see pure wood pulp. Don't think it is made of pure wood pulp! Raw wood pulp paper is made of logs. Generally, the composition of log pulp paper contains more than 80% of original wood pulp The paper is very smooth, the color is warm and moist, there is a light wood flavor, and toughness, light Si has a faint elasticity. There's no burr and no scurf. Therefore, the raw wood pulp paper towel is very natural and healthy.

Handkerchief paper is a kind of cleaning paper, which is equivalent to the traditional handkerchief and plays the role of wiping. It is made of soft paper and its main component is bleached wood pulp. Handkerchief paper is small in shape, easy to carry and can absorb water to remove gray matter. Because of this characteristic, it has become the daily necessities of every household and is loved by many consumers.

In fact, it is not the yellow paper towel that is better. These two kinds of paper towel are often different in technology, but the difference is not big in essence. Therefore, you can choose according to your own preference. But whether it is yellow tissue, or white paper towel, we usually buy, we must choose regular manufacturers.

Eastay, a paper machinery manufacturer, would like to remind you that it is the basis to ensure the purchase of paper towel to determine the type of paper towel. Some paper towels use raw wood pulp, which can ensure the quality of paper towels, while some use recycled paper. Such paper is relatively rough and easy to lose hair, which will affect the use effect.


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