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Paper pulping equipment program process

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Today, the editor of Shandong easttai tells you the process of the Paper pulping equipment program:

1. After the waste paper is unpacked and the iron wire is removed, it is transported by the plate conveyor to the hydraulic pulper for disintegration. The hydraulic pulper beats and deinks the waste paper, and the pulp after beating and deinking flows into the pulp pool.

2. The pulp is lifted from the pulp tank to the high-frequency vibrating screen by the pulp-lifting pump, and the high-frequency vibrating screen plays the role of screening and separating debris; the screened pulp flows into the pulp tank

3. The pulp is lifted from the slurry tank to the rotary screen thickener by the slurry pump. The rotary screen thickener is mainly to increase the lower concentration of the slurry through concentration, and the purpose of washing the slurry can be achieved at the same time; The concentrated pulp is flowing into the pulp tank

4. The pulp is lifted into the rinsing machine by the lift pump, which is used to wash the pulp and bleach the pulp; the bleached pulp automatically flows into the pulp tank


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