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Paper waste is also a benefit for paper mills

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The composition of papermaking waste residue is complex. To realize resource recovery, it must be sorted and removed. However, the amount of slag is large and the sorting is difficult. The original equipment on the market only uses the traditional washing and rinsing method to sort out a small part of the recycled granulation. The rest of the burial method is used badly, which brings pollution hazards to the soil and harms future generations.

The papermaking waste recycling technology equipment combines the characteristics of papermaking wastes, draws on the technical characteristics of related equipment at home and abroad, and according to the different components of papermaking residues, on the basis of selecting suitable disposal processes, each technical problem is solved one by one. After repeated tests and improvements, a unique comprehensive utilization equipment for papermaking waste residues has finally been formed. Through screening, flotation, magnetic separation, wind separation, dehydration and supplemented by necessary candidates, the scientific classification of papermaking waste is realized, and the separated scrap metal, broken glass, sand and gravel, pulp, rags, grass The residues such as rope are directly recycled and reused and incinerated to generate electricity, which opens up a new way for the harmless, standardized disposal and resource utilization of papermaking waste.


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