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Papermaking machinery and equipment must pay attention to the role of lubricating oil

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Papermaking machinery and equipment must pay attention to the role of lubricating oil

In recent years, the rapid progress of papermaking machinery technology has promoted the rapid development of the papermaking industry, and the requirements for the stability of papermaking machinery and equipment have become higher and higher. Because the equipment is in long-term continuous operation, it is very important to do a good job of lubricating the equipment. Yes, as long as the lubrication of the equipment is done well, the occurrence of many unnecessary problems of the equipment can be reduced.

During the use of the equipment, nearly 40% of the failures of the papermaking machinery are caused by the poor lubrication effect. The whole papermaking machinery and equipment can be divided into the wet part and the dry part, and their working conditions are different. Yes, the working conditions of the drying part are strict. The steam required for evaporation needs to enter the drying cylinder from the inner ring of the bearing on the transmission side in a fully enclosed air hood to heat the drying cylinder. At this time, The temperature of the steam can reach a very high temperature, and it is in a high temperature state for a long time. Therefore, the lubrication of the drying section is very important, and it needs to have good viscosity-temperature, thermal stability, oxidation stability, anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. , anti-emulsification, filtration performance, pressure and anti-wear performance and good cleaning dispersibility and other characteristics.

In the selection of lubricating oil, it is necessary to select special paper machine lubricating oil according to the problems in actual use, which can be divided into ash-containing mineral oil, ash-free mineral oil, and ash-free synthetic oil. , operating speed, temperature, etc., when the line speed of some equipment is low or the paper width is not large, ash-containing mineral oil can be used.

The above is about the importance of the lubrication of paper machinery and equipment, and everyone must take it seriously.


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