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Pipe cutting machine Guide maintenance instructions

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The longitudinal cutting of the pipe cutting machine needs to be established on the longitudinal guide rail. The longitudinal guide rail has been subjected to surface flatness treatment by a milling machine and a grinder before leaving the factory. The better the surface flatness of the longitudinal guide rail, the more stable the longitudinal cutting of the pipe cutting machine, and the higher the mechanical accuracy The better. For plants with humid air, it is more important to oil the longitudinal guide rails of the pipe cutter, and the frequency is higher than elsewhere.

    The longitudinal guide of the pipe cutting machine is generally made of low-carbon steel. It is well known that the low-carbon steel has relatively poor oxidation resistance. Therefore, after the pipe cutting machine is used for a period of time, the longitudinal guide rail will rust, so preventing the longitudinal guide rail from rusting is a must-do.
    The most common way to prevent rails from rusting is to oil the longitudinal rails. No matter the oil or any oil, it can effectively prevent the longitudinal rails of the pipe cutter from rusting.
The running track of the pipe cutting machine is self-evident relative to the equipment itself, especially for large-scale pipe cutting machine equipment such as gantry type, which is more important for the daily maintenance and maintenance of the track. At present, there are many pipe cutter rails in the market that are heavy rails mainly composed of 24KG and 38KG steel rails, and light rails mainly composed of T-shaped rails. Regardless of the material used, the maintenance and lubrication of the rail surface are both Very important.


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