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Pipe cutting machine What happens in the trachea

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Pipe cutting machine What should I do if something happens in the trachea and airways? The correct way to deal with this failure is critical!

1, gas system failure repairThe gas line system can be checked frequently. There are two main aspects of common gas line maintenance. When leaks are found and parts that cannot be used normally, they should be disposed of in a timely manner to ensure that the air path is unobstructed; dust and debris on the air path should also be wiped away frequently to prevent premature aging of the air path.

2, Maintenance of pressure reducing valveAdjust the pressure gauge to the required pressure. For the maintenance of the pressure reducing valve, the pressure reducer should be adjusted first. During the adjustment, the pressure should be from small to large to ensure that the pressure reducer can be continuously adjusted. If the regulator cannot be continuously adjusted or the gas leaks from the safety valve, a new pressure reducer must be replaced. Folding the components of the gas pressure reducer by yourself will cause equipment damage and even severe personal injury.

3. Maintenance of Tempering PreventerAccording to the requirements of the safety part, the flashback preventer is an important part to ensure safety. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle the tempering arrester. Therefore, the gas barrier of the flashback preventer after a long period of use cannot guarantee the gas flow rate or leakage, so please ask professional staff to replace it.

4.Torch cutting nozzle failure and maintenanceIt is recommended that the user should use the original machine provided by the manufacturer, and purchase accessories. During long-term use, the sealing surface of the cutting torch is damaged, and the cutting nozzle is not tightly sealed. It must be repaired with special tools. In addition, the cutting torch also uses the standard fast cutting nozzles produced by professional manufacturers. For new cutting nozzles, they must be inspected before they can be used. The cutting nozzle is contaminated. Special tools are required to clean the preheated flame holes and cut the oxygen channel.


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