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Pipe cutting machine jobs principle

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Pipe cutting machine jobs principle

Pipe cutting machine jobs principle: the principle is that through the cooperation of computer and hydraulic pressure, the oil system movement direction of the hydraulic system is
controlled by the electrical system, and the carriage is moved in a straight line. The microcomputer will walk according to the user-programmed cutting path. During the round-trip
movement, the signal detected from the carriage limit is used as a basis to control and change its oil path movement to achieve the expected cutting path. When buying a pipe cutting machine, you also need to understand its use: This machine tool is widely used in stainless steel pipe cutting and chamfering automatic pipe opening applications such as the handle industry. Stainless steel pipes and seamless steel pipes with a length of ∮25 or less and a length of 6 meters can be placed. For the processes of automatic feeding, cuttingand chamfering, one person manages multiple machines, reducing labor intensity and saving personnel.The automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically clamp, feed, feed, size setting, fixed number of stops and work measurement and other functions. The main circuit of the machine works with a PLC programmable logic controller. Automatic feeding, clamping and cutting system, accurate and fast feeding, cutting 10-50 times per minute. The counter can set the number of times of cutting, and it will stop automatically after cutting. There is no need for manual operation, higher mechatronics, and even one person can operate multiple units, reducing staff. The total counter can count the workload record for one day. The total pressure, front, back, and pressure can be adjusted steplessly to ensure that the workpiece is not pinched and deformed. Using a servo Pipe cutting, the accuracy of the pipe length is guaranteed to be within plus or minus 0.05mm (the error is mainly generated on the steel pipe and the tool ), The cut is shiny without burrs.


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