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Pipe cutting machine operating procedures

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Pipe cutting machine operating procedures:

1. Check before starting

    2. Check whether the saw blade is intact, and replace it if there is a crack or crack.

    3. According to the specifications of the high-pressure hose, replace the corresponding positioning pins and guide sleeves.

2. Operation steps

    1. Turn on the power and start the motor.

    2. Insert the cut high-pressure rubber hose into the changed guide sleeve, pull the knife-shaped handle to drive the rubber hose into the saw blade, the rubber hose is cut off, and when the skateboard is reset, it is pulled back to its original position by two tension springs.

    3. Insert the inner hole of the cut hose into the positioning pin. When the saw blade rotates, make a slit at the place where the glue is going to be peeled to ensure that the glue has a good effect of breaking the glue.

    4. After work, you must cut off the power.


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