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Precautions for bearings and disassembly in paper mill machinery

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As the name suggests, paper mill machinery is a kind of mechanical equipment for making paper, and bearings are very important accessories for this equipment. Although it looks small in size, it has a huge effect. Therefore, it is necessary to check the bearing components. . So the following editor will talk about the disassembly of its bearings.


The pull hook of the puller should be hooked to the inner ring of the bearing, rather than hooked on the outer ring, so as to avoid excessive loosening or damage to the bearing; when using the puller, the screw rod should be aligned with the center hole of the shaft and not skewed. Also pay attention to the force of the hook and the bearing, do not damage the hook and the bearing; pay attention to prevent the hook from slipping off; the bending angle of the two legs is less than 90°. The pressing method uses a press to press the equipment bearings, which works smoothly and reliably without damaging the paper mill machinery and bearings.

The press has manual push, mechanical or hydraulic press. Note: The pressing point of the press should be on the center of the shaft, and it should not be biased. The hot disassembly method is used to disassemble tightly fitted bearings. First, pour the engine oil heated to about 100°C on the bearing to be dismantled with an oil can. After the bearing ring is heated and expand, the bearing can be pulled out with a puller.

The puller should be installed on the bearing to be dismantled, and a certain pulling force should be applied; before heating, the shaft should be wrapped with asbestos rope or thin iron plate to prevent the shaft from swelling due to heat, otherwise it will be difficult to remove it from the bearing housing hole When disassembling the bearing, you can only heat the bearing housing hole, not the bearing; when pouring oil, the oil can should be smoothly poured on the bearing ring or rolling element of the paper machine, and an oil basin should be placed under it to collect and flow down. Use hot oil to avoid waste and burns; operators should wear asbestos gloves to prevent burns.

Therefore, when disassembling the bearings of paper mill machinery, you must be careful to avoid damage to them by excessive force. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job in the overhaul and maintenance of the equipment, so as to keep the equipment in good condition for a long time and reduce the failure rate.


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