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Precautions when operating the pressure screen

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The pressure screen is widely used in the papermaking industry and is one of the important equipments in the papermaking machinery. It is a new type of recycled pulp screening equipment, a new generation of recycled pulp processing products. In order to produce better products and improve productivity, we must strictly follow the relevant operating procedures and precautions of the pressure screen. So what should be paid attention to when operating it?

1. Before use, be sure to check the joint of the pipe to see if it is connected properly, and whether the screws on the cover and the outer frame are tightened. If not, you need to tighten them, otherwise it will affect the normal use. Whether it is tight or not, and whether the pulley is tightened, it should be checked regularly to prevent the belt from slipping and causing the pulley to fall off.

2. The rotation direction of the pressure screen should be consistent. When rotating, the inner sealing water must be opened to check whether the rotation direction is smooth, and the safety cover of the pressure screen should also be placed in a suitable position.

All of the above should be noted. Before operation, it must be checked to ensure that there is no problem. This is to prevent the pressure screen from suddenly stopping during use, which will affect the smooth operation of the operation. Therefore, we must strictly follow the operation process of the pressure screen and related precautions.


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