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Preliminary preparation for the operation of toilet paper rewinder

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Toilet paper production equipment is specialized in toilet paper manufacturing, and toilet paper production equipment should be cautious in the use process. The toilet paper production equipment shall be put into trial operation, and preparations shall be made before the trial operation. Here is a brief introduction to the preparations before the trial operation of the toilet paper production equipment:

1. Before the test run of toilet paper production equipment, carefully check whether the installation of each part of the toilet paper rewinder is in place. If the nut is to be tightened, the reducer shall also be lubricated according to the wheel sliding standard;

2. Check whether the bearings and reducer of toilet paper production equipment are heated, whether the upper and lower chains are blocked or deviated, and whether the motor is overloaded to record its current;

3. After the physical operation is qualified, it can be formally handed over for production only after it has been operated for 12 hours continuously;

4. Strictly check whether the bolts and nuts of the throwing knife and the base knife have been tightened;

5. Carry out the separate operation of cutter wheel and feed, and then carry out the comprehensive no-load operation after the normal operation, and then carry out the physical trial operation after the inspection is correct.


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