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Preparation and safety precautions before the operation of the paper cutter

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Preparation and safety precautions before the operation of the paper cutter

Preparation before the paper cutter operation:

1. The operator must tie the hem and corners of the clothes, tie the cuffs, and ensure that the items in the pockets of the clothes are empty. It is strictly forbidden to wear hanging accessories to operate the machine;

2. The mental state of the operator must be good, and it is strictly forbidden to work under the condition of excessive fatigue, drinking or illness affecting the operation;

3. Clean up the debris around the paper cutter, place the material to be cut in a suitable position, and check whether there are tools left on the machine;

4. After starting the machine, first check whether the switch is normal. It is reliable and whether the cutting knife is sharp. Try the knife three times to observe whether there is a return knife. If any problem is found, it should be eliminated in time; check whether the joints of the paper cutting machine are loose and protective devices Whether it fails, etc., to ensure that the machine runs in a zero-fault state.

二. Safety precautions in the operation of the paper cutter

1. Before starting the machine, the operator must remind companions or other personnel to pay attention to safety, and start the machine only when it is confirmed that there is no danger;

2. Before starting the machine, you must pay attention to the surrounding environment and whether anyone is doing other work on the machine;

3. During the cutting process, the operator should not touch the switch indiscriminately to avoid misoperation of the machine;

4. When the machine is running, the mind must be concentrated, and at the same time, it is strictly forbidden to do things unrelated to the job, so as not to distract the energy. It is forbidden for two people to operate the paper cutter at the same time;

5. Before cutting, the operator must check whether the paper cutter is normal or not, and then try to cut a few knives to confirm the normal performance of the machine before continuing to operate;

6. During the operation of the machine, the operator should closely monitor whether the state of the machine is normal. When there is abnormal noise and no knife falling, the operation must be stopped immediately, and the relevant personnel should be reported to find out the fault. boot operation;

7. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the machine. If there is a fault, it is strictly forbidden to grab the paper by hand, and it should be stopped immediately. Accident;

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8. Operators are not allowed to join the post. Leave the post and hand it over to others at will. If you need to leave the machine for some reason, you must turn off the machine and cut off the power before leaving;

9. When the blade edge is blunt, the blade should be replaced immediately and cannot be used continuously to avoid damage to the machine due to excessive load on the machine;

10. It is forbidden to cut metal, hard and fragile materials;

11. Do not place any non-paper tools on the operating platform. Computers, rulers, etc. should be placed in designated locations;

12. The machine can only be operated by trained and qualified personnel, and other personnel are not allowed to operate the machine, otherwise it is very easy to cause serious accidents.


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