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Problems of A4 paper cutter in development

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As we all know, high quality and high technology are the main features of A4 paper cutters, but what you do n’t know is that A4 paper cutters are also one of the indispensable equipments of every enterprise, because A4 paper cutters are used for paper cutting equipment. .

At present, there are two main constraints on the development of China's A4 paper cutter manufacturing industry:

The first is that the technical performance indicators of A4 paper cutter products have a significant gap compared with the world's advanced level, mainly manifested in the low degree of automation and intelligence, and adapt to extreme environments such as ultra-high (low) temperature, ultra-high pressure, ultra-high speed , High corrosion, high radiation, high wear ability;

Secondly, the A4 paper cutters machine is characterized by imperfect quality assurance system, poor product quality stability and reliability, and some products have high technical content but low maturity in performance, which cannot meet user requirements and have poor credibility. Therefore, we must strengthen the close integration of scientific research and strive to introduce foreign advanced technologies.


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