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Problems when using the paper slitter

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1. Why do the trays at both ends sometimes have burrs?

The width of the base paper is usually 3-5 mm larger than the size of the above standard. In special cases, it will exceed this range. If the base paper size is 1185mm, we will adjust the knife to 1190. If the base paper portion may be larger than 1190, the edge paper tray will have burrs. In this case, you can pause the machine for a while, then run it for a while, and tighten the sides of the knife.

2. Why does the paper tray protrude to the right side of the incision for a while?

At the beginning of the operation, the strip at the edge is not tightened, and the paper can be inserted correctly when the machine starts cutting the strip;

The inner diameter of the paper core added to the paper core is too large so that the paper core cannot be locked after the air shaft is expanded, so that the paper core slides during rotation to cause displacement. To solve this problem, when the paper core sleeve is fed into the air shaft, the inner diameter of the paper core is checked.

3. Why does the original paper core not sway when there is no deformation?

In general, when the original core is not deformed, it does not shake when rotated. However, if the chuck is clamped on the base paper, the two sides will be unbalanced, and the operation control will have a great influence. Therefore, when the upper paper chuck is added, it is necessary to pay attention to the balance of the paper cores on both sides.


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