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Reasons for Arc Thinning of Pipe Cutting Machine

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The pipe cutting machine is based on the environment where the pipe is curved outside. The reason should be carefully elaborated. At first, the pipe should be covered with a fine heat treatment punishment. The welded seam of the steel pipe is not subject to the stress of F1 and F2. Bias, that is, do not face the clamping die and bending wheel die; the boost and push rates are determined according to the actual environment of the pipe cutting, so that it is in a room that is opposite to the speed of the pipe cutting machine. At the same time, it should be checked whether the advancement of mandrel placement is appropriate and the necessary mediation must not be held at that time. After removing the factors of the pipe, check whether the pressure of the compaction die is too large, and adjust to make the pressure appropriate.

To deal with the newly used mandrel, check whether the diameter is too large. When the diameter is too large, it is necessary to carry out the necessary grinding and ensure that the mandrel and the inner wall of the pipe are well lubricated to eliminate the resistance of the bend and the friction between the inner wall of the pipe and the mandrel. At the same time, accept the proper steps to stop the machine from shaking. If the post-cut point is wrinkled, an anti-wrinkle block should be installed, and the position of the anti-wrinkle block should be accurate, and it can be attached to the pipe cutting machine mold, and the pressure of the compacting die (wheel) must be adjusted to make the pressure appropriate. To cope with wrinkling inside the arc, the corresponding step should be accepted according to the wrinkling position. If the front cut point is wrinkled, the position of the mandrel should be adjusted forward so that the mandrel is properly measured in advance to support the pipe when it reaches the bend.


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