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Reasons for sticking cylinders during the use of papermaking dryers

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Many domestic paper mills often encounter the phenomenon of drying cylinder sticking in the production process. This phenomenon may cause the paper surface to be not smooth enough, the wrinkles to be uneven in thickness, and in severe cases, it will cause holes or opaque spots, and sometimes have to stop. deal with. There are many and complex reasons for paper sticking to the cylinder. The main reasons include:

1. The slurry is not clean.

2. Dispersing agent, wet strength agent and dry strength cutting agent are not used properly.

3. The specific pressure is too large during refining, and the temperature rise is too high.

4. When the paper material is put on the Internet or on the tank, if the pH is greater than or equal to 7. O.

5. The structure of the dryer is not strict, the surface is not smooth, and even there are many tiny pores, which will also cause the paper to be difficult to scrape off after being loaded into the cylinder.


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