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Safe operation of Paper Slitter Machine

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paper slitter machine

Paper Slitter Machine is different from other mechanical products and belongs to a four-level risk machine tool with a high level of risk. However, the paper cutters on the market lack instructive requirements for safety requirements, and the product levels are uneven. Paper cutters with various risks coexist in the market, meeting safety requirements and ensuring that the operator's products are impacted by low prices. Therefore, it is necessary to establish safety standards for paper cutters as soon as possible to ensure the safety of paper cutters in our country.

During the operation of the Paper Slitter Machine, the safety of the operator cannot be ignored. In addition to some suggestions to guide the safety operation procedures of paper cutter staff, this article reminds that safety comes from a sense of crisis at all times, and danger comes from numbness.

1. Operating procedures

① Before starting the machine, check the machine, do a good job of cleaning, add oil or butter, test the empty knife three times, observe whether there is any return of the knife, and eliminate the problem in time. During the production process, if any tool is returned, stop immediately and repair in time.

②At work, you must pay attention, and it is strictly forbidden to operate by two people at the same time

③When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the machine. If there is a malfunction, it is strictly prohibited to grab the paper with your hands, and the machine should be shut down immediately

④ When adjusting or replacing the Paper Slitter Machine, please stop the machine. Even when the machine is stopped, it is strictly forbidden to put your hands under the knife to change the knife. Long-handled bolts and other tools should be used to replace the knives. When the machine is started, in order to avoid accidental injury to the operator, the knives must be taken out

⑤Machine adjustment, blade replacement, equipment maintenance, oiling and scrubbing.

Two, Paper Slitter Machine safety precautions

①The machine, motor, and electrical box must be properly grounded.

②When repairing, adjusting, refueling and wiping the machine, the power must be cut off first.

③When replacing the blade, turn off the power of the paper cutter motor.

④Strictly cut paper with double hand buckle. Do not use both hands to open the button, use one hand to operate.

⑤Before starting, you must pay attention to whether there are people doing other work on the machine in the surrounding environment.

⑥If abnormal noise, rolling, malfunction, etc. are found after starting the machine, the machine must be shut down urgently to check the cause.

⑦ Regularly check whether there are loose parts in the machine and electrical appliances, and whether the operating mechanism is faulty.

3. Maintenance requirements

①Before starting, the manual oil supply pump must be pulled to ensure lubrication of the track. (Once per shift per day)

②Butter must be added to the part where the butter is added. (once a week)

③The machine must be kept clean.


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