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Safety operating rules for soft and hard calenders

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Today, the editor of Shandong easttai tells you the rules for using soft and hard calenders

Hard Calender

1. When the paper lead rope of the calender is broken, it should be shut down and installed. It is strictly forbidden to lead the paper without the paper lead rope.

2. When the operation is interrupted, the damaged paper is not allowed to be removed at the entrance, and the calender is entangled The machine should be shut down for paper processing. The bottom of the calender should be kept clean, and damaged paper and debris should be cleaned up before starting the machine.

3. It is forbidden to clean the wheel surface dross during operation at the entrance; it should be at the exit Use a shovel to clean the place. Do not use too much force when shoveling to avoid cutting your hands. It is strictly forbidden to remove debris from the knife by hand.

4. When using compressed air to remove garbage from the calender during operation, the hose should not be entangled to prevent the hose from throwing people out of the equipment or getting involved in the equipment and causing casualties.

5. During the operation of this position, all pressure dashboard displays should be ensured to be normal. If problems are found, they should be dealt with on duty.

6. All racks and walking platforms in this post are not allowed to stack any tools and Sundries, avoid falling and accidents. The staff paper at the bottom of the calender should be cleaned up before starting.

7. It is strictly forbidden to use gloves, wire waste and wipe cloth during the operation of the calender, so as not to hurt people.

8. During operation, if you need to remove the soft calendered mixed surface for cleaning, roll the towel into Hand-grip; when scrubbing, the position of the towel in your hand is higher than the radius of the soft wheel, so as to prevent the wheel's reverse running force from throwing the hand on the scraper edge of the soft wheel.

9. The safety railing facilities between the wheels of the calender must be complete and intact during operation.

10. When operating at the stop point of the hydraulic cylinder and lever arm, any part of the body is prohibited.

Enter the danger zone. The hydraulic cylinder moves up and down when working, and there is a periodic danger. People and objects must be kept away.

11. When the soft calender and hard calender leads the paper, the paper threading device must be used to lead the paper. Lead paper During the process, when the paper threading device fails, it must be overhauled before the threading device can continue to be put in.


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