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Simple analysis on the development of automatic slitting machine

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The mission power of the slitter is a comprehensive concept. In the slitting process, the stable tension system of the automatic slitting machine is a main goal to ensure product quality. The magnetic powder clutch and brake are a special active executive element. The automatic slitting machine is filled in the mission gap or The film is divided into moments, and the magnetic condition of the magnetic powder can be changed by changing the excitation current, and then the transmitted torque can be adjusted. It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed, suitable for fine-tuning of high-speed section and speed regulation system of medium and small power. The automatic slitting machine controls the tension between unwinding, traction, slitting, rewinding, etc., so that the slitting data is always in a state of fluctuation during the slitting process.

Assuming that the tension control is stable, the fully automatic slitting machine can prevent the original material from deforming and drifting during the machine's speed up and down. The general will create the sum of laborious and non-winding reel tension for the next process. Most of the previous slitting machines use magnetic powder clutch to control tension, but the speed of magnetic powder clutch cannot be high. Automatic slitting machine is easy to form high-speed conflict of magnetic powder during operation. The vector-quality variable frequency motor is used to control the tension system of the slitting machine, and the pendulum roller is used for active detection.

With the development of science and technology, the composition of servo drive technology. It is to divide the raw material into several independent units. Its mission principle is to fix the raw material on the discharge. One end of the discharge shaft is equipped with a magnetic powder tension controller to stabilize the raw material. The required tension is then pulled through a pair of rubber rollers to pull the raw material, and the automatic slitting machine is cut into several strips by the blade. Then it is guided to the A and B winding shafts through each guide roller to stop winding the product.


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