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Slitting rewinder structure of paper mill machinery equipment

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The paper mill machinery slitting and rewinder includes a frame and a slitting device, a tape feeding device, a tape unwinding organization and at least one tape organization assembled on the rack; the tape organization includes a bonding device, a tape roll, and a drive The take-up motor rotates by the take-up roller. The take-up roller is equipped with a winding core. The bonding equipment is used to bond the head end of the material tape in the winding groove of the winding core; the unwinding organization includes the unwinding roller and the unwinding roller. It is equipped with a master tape roll; the slitting papermaking machine is used to divide the master tape output from the master tape roll into at least two sub-belts; the tape feeding device includes a tape feeding roller, a tape feeding motor, and a pressure roller. The tape feeding motor The belt-feeding roller is driven to rotate on a fixed axis, and the sub-belt passes between the belt-feeding roller and the pressure roller.


The use of paper mill machinery slitting and rewinding machine can effectively reduce the structural requirements of the master tape roll, and the master tape roll can be directly slit and rewinded in a slitting and rewinding process to obtain the product, and the output power can be increased several times. Even dozens of times, it is also conducive to the standardized production of products.

  The paper mill machinery slitting and rewinding machine rewinds the tissue. The tube core is located between two supporting rollers and touches the two supporting rollers. The pressure roller presses the tube core, and the swing arm cylinder is hinged on the frame; one end of the swing arm It is hinged with the piston rod of the swing arm cylinder, the other end of the swing arm is connected with the pressure roller of the product, the center of the swing arm is hinged with a supporting shaft, the supporting shaft and the pressure roller are connected by a timing belt; the transmission shaft is connected with the supporting shaft through a timing belt; The first bridge shaft is connected with the drive shaft through the timing belt; the second bridge shaft is located between the first bridge shaft and the two supporting rollers, and the gears on the second bridge shaft are respectively the gears on the first bridge shaft. And the gears on the two supporting rollers mesh; the inserting plate is located on one side of the pressure roller. This structure can complete the synchronous rotation of the pressing roller, the supporting roller, and the paper roll, and can complete the adjustment of the parallelism between the pressing roller and the supporting roller, which can effectively improve the slitting quality of the paper roll.


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