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Solutions to abnormal operation of slitting and rewinding machine when cutting paper

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The slitting and rewinding machine will appear a series of situations such as the paper is not cut when cutting the paper. Don't panic when the situation occurs, carefully observe the problem and find the corresponding solution. The editor of Xinguang Paper Machine introduces you to the slitting and rewinding machine. The solution to the abnormal operation.

      1. The two paper rolls of the slitter rewinder are connected together, and the paper sheet is not cut is a small fault that often occurs. If this problem occurs, first check whether the cutter blade is intact. If it is intact, check the cut Whether the paper knife is attached to the bottom knife after the upper knife is moved. When checking, first move the paper knife to the position without the bottom knife, and then check the upper knife. If the blade does not stick to the action after the upper knife is removed, remove the small cover on the back of the knife Board, replace the upper knife airbag.

      2. When the ascending process of the paper cutter of the slitter rewinder is not in place, first check whether the limit of the instrument is normal, and then check the gear box of the paper cutter. If the oil level is too low to cause insufficient rise, check the three-row chain of the paper cutter. Is the chain too long, causing inconsistent rises on both sides, if the chain is too long, the next section needs to be removed.

      3. When the knife holder is close to the roller during the ascent of the paper cutter of the slitter rewinder, first check whether the cylinders on both sides of the cutter work normally during the ascent process. If one cylinder does not move, the knife holder will be attached to the roller At this time, the cylinder needs to be replaced; if the cylinder is not faulty, adjust the fixing bolt of the knife holder, and the adjustment should go to the bottom of the slitter rewinding machine to make the paper cutting knife operate normally.

      4. When the cutter blade of the slitter rewinder rotates manually and jumps greatly, remove the cutter head and replace the upper round cutter shaft.


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