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Some troubles of toilet paper machine

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Toilet paper machine is one of the main products of our company. The company has independent intellectual property rights and strong non-standard design, manufacturing and service capabilities, complete production and testing equipment, and reliable and stable product quality. Let's learn about the common faults of the toilet paper machine:

1. The main body of the toilet paper machine frame is deformed or cracked; the working device is severely worn and the operation is out of order; the normal workload cannot be completed, or the operation accuracy cannot meet the requirements; the walking mechanism is severely worn and cannot work normally.

2. The wear of the main parts of the toilet paper machine reaches the limit, and there are phenomena such as yaw, abnormal noise, impact and shaking.

3. After the steering mechanism is worn, the clearance is too large and the operation is out of order; the gear and shaft of the transmission are severely worn and the gear shifting is difficult or often tripped; the brake mechanism is severely worn and the brake mechanism can be lowered or out of order and cannot be adjusted.

The company adheres to the tenet of "protecting the environment, benefiting mankind", adheres to the principle of being honest and trustworthy, doing things first, and adheres to the quality policy of "thinking before doing things, continuous innovation, creating first-class quality; doing things after doing things, making every effort, and pursuing customer satisfaction". Welcome to buy our toilet paper machine products


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