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Spiral Wear-Resistant Maintenance Technology of Paper-making Machinery

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Every link in all walks of life is inseparable from paper, and it is inseparable from the papermaking industry and papermaking machinery. The papermaking machinery will be subject to different degrees of wear and tear in every link when it is working. In this issue,。

From a log cutting tool, the blade can be damaged and lost. Peeling, slicing, crushing equipment, pulp machinery back knife, and pushing machinery are indispensable, and the resulting equipment loss is also inevitable.

Papermaking machinery process flow.

Spiral wear factors are in various forms, including the influence of a helical material, structure and other materials themselves. Objectively, physical factors such as rotation, torsion, stirring, friction, overturning, etc., the contact, friction and adhesion of the spiral and the material will cause the spiral papermaking machinery and equipment and the surface to be scratched, pulled and peeled off. Chemical factors can cause chemical corrosion on the surface of the spiral, such as chemical experimental reagents that can be added during pulp and paper production, water ionization, etc.


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