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Structural characteristics and uses of paper reel

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The winder is the first set of equipment after the paper machine. Relying on the weight of the paper roll and the frictional force of the rotation of the cold cylinder, the paper rolled down by the paper roll is evenly wound, so the paper roll makes the paper more uniform and can meet the needs of different papers.

Structural features

1. Rewind in the center of the two rewinding shafts and lift in the fixed slot;

2. Frequency conversion motor drive;

3. Constant tension control system is adopted; photoelectric automatic correction system is used for correction;

4. Automatic stop device for material break, emergency stop function, and keep the expansion force unchanged;

5. The unwinding shaft adopts tension inflation shaft, and the winding shaft adopts tension inflation shaft;

6. Pneumatic feeding mechanism, pneumatic unloading mechanism, and positioning of the inflation shaft;

7. Shearing circular knife slitting can adapt to the slitting of materials with different properties;

8. Equipped with a fan, using wind to blow the side material; the length of the material is automatically counted


The paper reeling machine is mainly used for cutting large-sized toilet paper from single-layer rewinding into single-layer, two-layer or three-layer paper trays for folding tissues, napkins, boxed facial tissues, etc.


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