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Structural characteristics of screw conveyor

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screw conveyor

       Structural characteristics of screw conveyor

1. The screw shaft and the suspension bearing, the head and tail shafts are all connected with the embedded tongue, and the installation and disassembly do not need axial movement, and the maintenance is convenient. , Long mandrel, less hanging, less failure points.

2. The variable diameter structure is adopted to increase the volume of the hoisting bearing and avoid the contact of the hoisting bearing with the material. The life of the hoisting bearing can reach more than two years.

3. Each transmission part adopts a floating connection mode, and the hanging bearing is a universal joint structure, so that the spiral body, the hanging bearing and the tail assembly form an integral rotary floating body, which can freely rotate and avoid with the conveying resistance within the range, without material jam, no Blocking material.

4. The head and tail bearing seats are outside the shell. All bearings adopt multi-layer sealing and matching sealing technology, and the bearing life is long.

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