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Structure and function of headbox paper machine

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headbox paper machine

A good headbox paper machine must have the following performance:

(1) A paper web with a uniform and stable basis weight can be copied, and there is no longitudinal stream on the paper web;

(2) The lip area of the headbox should not be affected by pressure, temperature and the opening degree of the lip, so as to ensure a uniform quantitative distribution of the banner;

(3) The phenomenon of slurry hanging and attached slurry should be avoided in the headbox;

(4) It is easy to keep the cabinet clean;

(5) Controllable ratio of pulp-to-net speed.

Therefore, the headbox paper machine must:

(1) The slurry can be evenly distributed to the paper machine direction;

(2) The sprayed slurry should have a uniform velocity profile, concentration profile and turbulence profile.

Structure and function of headbox paper machine

The function of the headbox, in a nutshell, is to spray a certain uniform pressure, speed, flow rate and internal fibers as much as possible to the wire at a certain spray angle along the width direction of the paper machine. Ground and evenly dispersed on-line pulp flow, at the same time, it provides quantitative adjustment in the width direction of the paper machine and fine adjustment of moisture to ensure that the required quality of paper is obtained.


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