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Structure of anatomy tube pipe cutting machine system

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With the wide application of pipe cutting machine equipment in recent years, users have more and more opportunities to access the CNC system. What exactly are the parts of the CNC system? Here we start with replacing foreign numerical control systems, and explain in detail for you the EDGE series controllers produced by Hypertherm Automation and the BURNY series controllers produced by the American CMC company. The biggest difference between these CNC systems and some general-purpose CNC systems is Their hardware platforms are all based on PC (PC-BASED). The popular point is to install a motion control card (similar to a plug-in) in our home computer, and then install a set of dedicated cutting control software to form a The so-called special CNC system for cutting. Ordinary people will think of two large foreign companies: Germany's Siemens SIEMENS and Japan's Fanac FUNAC. They are the global leader in universal CNC systems in the mechanical cold processing industry, but in the hot cutting industry, Due to the particularity, these general-purpose CNC systems are mostly replaced by more professional cutting-specific CNC systems.

In fact, we can clearly see that a cutting special CNC system is composed of three parts:
(1) A computer (including display and keyboard)
(2) Motion control card (usually plugged into a computer bus such as the PCI bus, which completes control of servos and I / O)
(3) A set of cutting control software (including operating systems such as Windows XP, DOS, etc.)
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